Quality is in the details

Standard cutting of 16" logs with maximum split diameter of 4" per piece.

We do not just label wood as 'seasoned'. We measure it. A live tree when cut will have moisture content of 50-70%, excluding Hickory which when cut is around 30 - 40%.

Each cord we sell has had it's  moisture content measured electronically. We only sell firewood when it dries down to 15-20% mosture content. By definition, seasoned firewood is below 20% moisture content.

 We measure and sell firewood in units called 'cords'. We do not sell 'loads', 'super loads' or other ambiguous quantities. A cord is 128 cubic feet of firewood, and makes a stack 4' high, 4' deep, 8' long. A Facecord is
4'high, 16" deep and 9' long containing .375 cubic feet.

Plenty of Oak and Hickory

Here at Nodaway Valley Tree Farm, fuel from firewood is abundant. With over 100 acres of old forest there are ample dead or damaged trees. The forest is abundant in oak and hickory which makes top quality firewood when properly cut, split and seasoned. With ample walnut, ash, hackberry, red elm and cherry we can provide a nice mix for all needs.


We offer three types of firewood.

Barkless Oak is our premiere firewood which burns hot, produces little ash and without bark it is much cleaner to handle. Without bark, a measured cord is more BTU's than any cord of wood with bark.

Second, All Oak or Oak/Hickory mix.

Third, Mixed hardwoods which is a mix of Oak, Red Elm, Walnut and Hackberry.
Firewood contents Face Cord Cord
Barkless Oak $160 $390
Oak or Oak/Hickory $145 $310
Mixed Hardwoods (Sold Out) $130 $285
Price does includes delivery but not stacking
Average stacking cost $35
Stacking fee will be increased if the stack is beyond 15' of vehicle or at a different elevation